Box Fan Poly Filters-12 - Nordic Pure

Box Fan Poly Filters-12

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  • Nominal Size:
  • Actual Size: 20x20x1/8

  • Nordic Pure, manufacturer direct since 1960. Our polyester box fan air filters do not allow the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew or mold which will help improve your indoor air quality. Our box fan air filter media has a permanent electrostatic charge which will attract and trap the dust and stop it from being blown through your box fan and back into your home or office. This air filter is made of a 1/8" thick, flat polyester media... not a pleated air filter. It will attach flush to the back of your box fan. Attach to the BACK of your 20x20 box fan with INCLUDED Velcro tabs. You can also cut to fit any other smaller square or round fan. For fans with motor on the back, cut out a section for the motor so the filter fits flush against the back of the fan. When used in conjunction with our air condition and furnace air filters you will reduce the dust, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, smoke particles, and other airborne particulates by up to 97.8%. Nordic Pure air filters are made in the USA.