16x20x5 Honeywell Replacement Pleated MERV 15 Qty 4 - Nordic Pure

16x20x5 Honeywell Replacement Pleated MERV 15 Qty 4

  • $ 211.11
  • Save $ 62

  • Nominal Size: 16x20x5
  • Actual Size: 15 7/8x19 3/4x4 3/8
  • Measure the actual inside depth of your filter rack to ensure proper fit; Replacement for Honeywell filters have a depth of 4 3/8”
  • Removes all bacteria, along with all contaminants removed by a MERV 13 filter
  • Ideal for customers who require hospital-equivalent conditions
  • Recommended for newer or commercial units which carry a rating of MERV 15 and above
  • Made in the USA

  • Made to replace Honeywell F100 F150 F200. Part #s FC100A1003 F100F1004 FC200E1003. (See the Specifications tab for other part numbers that this filter may replace.) 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee! Free Shipping in the contiguous United States - Directly to your door. LOW manufacturer-direct prices. MADE in the USA IMPORTANT Note: Air filters have an actual size that is a fraction of an inch smaller than the standard size (also known as nominal size ). The size printed on your air filter may NOT be the Actual Size. With the 4 and 5 air filters there is a wider variance between the nominal size and actual size for the different manufacturers. This is why we ask you to measure your air filter so you aren t surprised if the air filter doesn t fit! This 16x20x5 Honeywell replacement media filter is 15 7/8 x 19 3/4 x 4 3/8 . You may be able to use our standard 16x20x4 which is 15 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 3 5/8. The nominal size is sometimes the same but the actual dimensions are different. Just check the measurement Actual Size before ordering. Click on the Options tab above for all the available MERV Ratings for this AC Furnace Air Filter. All Nordic Pure pleated air filters are manufactured using a heavy duty moisture resistant beverage board frame. There is a metal mesh support grid bonded to the pleats for extra support. Our non-woven hypoallergenic and antimicrobial synthetic MERV rated air filter media will not support growth of mold or bacteria keeping your home healthier. As we say in the industry You have to move the air to clean the air . Our air filters use permanently electrostatically charged material that acts like a magnet to help dust cling to the air filter. This helps protect your unit home and family. For people suffering with allergies and other breathing issues choose our MERV 12 or higher MERV air filters to capture up to 98.9% of allergens pollens pet dander and other airborne particles. Visit our Brand Name menu to locate the genuine Nordic Pure brand replacement for your OEM air filters. Plus Carbon options: For MERV s 8 10 and 12 we now offer NEW IMPROVED Pleated MERV Plus Carbon Odor Reduction Air Filters for eliminating odors in your home or office. Our electrostatic MERV media and new carbon media are pleated together to form an exceptional dust and odor control air filter. The new pleated design provides 3 times as much carbon media per air filter for better absorption. The other MERV ratings available for this air filter have the MERV layer plus a flat poly Carbon layer. This option includes our electrostatic MERV media plus an added layer of polyester based media impregnated with activated carbon. In both Plus Carbon options the MERV media captures microscopic airborne dust pollen allergens mold spores pet dander bacteria and particulates carrying bacteria and viruses in the air for better indoor air quality. The high quality activated carbon media naturally deodorizes the air by absorbing and eliminating household odors that may come from pets garbage bathrooms smoke litter boxes or cooking. It also removes levels of concentration of gases (VOC s) as well as particulates in the air while maintaining excellent air flow properties. CLICK HERE for What is MERV information.